Please phone the parish office and book an interview with the Pastor three (3) months before the intended baptism of your baby. Both father and mother are required to be present at the interview and the baptismal preparation class.

First Reconcilitaion; First Eucharist & Confirmation


Sacramental Preparation Catechetical Year 2018-2019

Sacraments are vital expressions of who we are as Catholic Christians. Each time we receive a sacrament we respond in a deeper way to Jesus' call to discipleship. Since sacraments are so important to us, we take them very seriously and prepare to receive them thoughtfully and thoroughly. All sacraments are community events, and this is reflected in the preparation and celebration of the sacraments.

The Role of the Family in the Sacramental Preparation of Children: 

In this parish, we are committed to the idea that taking an active part in a child's spiritual formation is the right and dignity of Christian parents. Parents are the "first teachers" of their children in the vision and practice of the Christian way of life. It is in the home that children primarily experience and come to know about God. When children experience the loving care of their family members, when they are challenged to be the best people that they can be by their parents, and when they witness a family's unceasing striving for healing and reconciliation, then children really learn about who God is. Parents are, whether they realize it or not, the "sacrament" of God's presence to their children.

Therefore, in all of our sacramental preparation programs, we attempt to nurture a strong partnership between families and our parish community. Parents are encouraged to take on their central role. The parish and the parish catechists assist parents in this task. The parish provides the immediate preparation for all sacraments; and so we strongly encourage parents to enroll their children in our Sacramental Preparation Program on or before August 30th.

Please make sure to phone the parish office and book an appointment with Fr. Vener for an interview before  registering for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist & Confirmation both father and mother are required to be present at the interview.

Sacramental Preparation Classes 2018-2019


Catechetical Year 2018-2019

First Reconciliation

First Eucharist/Communion



September 9th – Commissioning of 

Catechists & Enrollment Sunday

First Meeting with Parents after Mass

First Reconciliation & First Eucharist Classes: Thursdays at 3:15PM

September 13th 

September 20th 

September 27th 

October 11th 

October 18th 

October 25th 

November 8th

November 22nd 

November 29th 

December 6th 

December 9th – (Sunday) First Reconciliation Day at 3:00PM

*December 17th – January 4th 2019 Christmas Break

January 10th 

January 17th 

January 24th  

January 31st 

February 7th  

February 14th 

February 21st  

February 28th 

March 7th 

March 14th

*March 18th – 31st Spring Break?

April 4th 

April 11th 

*April 14th – 20th Holy Week

April 25th - Rehearsal

April 28th – First Eucharist (Tentative Date)

Regular meeting with Parents: Sundays after Mass

September 9th 2018

September 23rd 2018

January 13th 2019

February 10th 2019

March 10th 2019

April 11th 2019

*No Classes

Confirmation Classes: Wednesdays at 3:15PM

January 9th 

January 16th

January 23rd 

January 30th 

February 6th 

February 13

February 20

February 27

March 6

March 24

May 8

May 15

May 22

May 29 – Rehearsal (Tentative Date)  

June 2 - Confirmation (Tentative Date)


Every Saturday at 6:30PM-7:00PM or by appointment.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.)


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a process by which people become members of the Roman Catholic Church. The process is concerned with the total formation of the person: believing with the Church community (doctrinal formation), living with the Church community (practical formation), praying with the Church community (liturgical formation), and serving with the Church community (apostolic formation). This gradual development culminates in the celebration of the sacraments of initiation, namely: baptism, confirmation and first Eucharist usually at Easter Vigil. Ongoing commitment requires involvement in the weekly celebration of the Eucharist and community services.


Please phone the parish office six (6) months before the wedding.